What's Krakin?!

“Flavours are so unique you can’t even compare it with other brands”

Krakin Chillies most popular products are the beautifully flavoured, well-rounded table sauces!  You can use them as a dipping sauce, splash it all over ya chips like gravy, or add it to your favourite hot dish for more flavour and spice in your life!

Our favourite way to use The Smokin' Donkey Hot Sauce is to add half a cup of it with half a cup of Sour Cream, and mix together - then dip your corn chips in there!!!

Get amongst it fellas! You don't know what you're missing...


Right-O then! Time to shop..

Quality Ingredients grown by us!

The chillies we have lovingly grown from seed, and nurtured spray-free for you... then we've turned them into something else using other quality NZ ingredients.  We only use what we feel is a must, and do not add anything without a good reason!  We use no fillers, no additives, no colours, and no preservatives.

Our hot sauces are 100% good quality FOOD!

If you can't handle the heat... Get outta the kitchen!


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