Loose Lip XXX Specialty Hot Sauce Mash Up

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The hottest of the Krakin Sauces, our Loose Lip Hot Sauce might actually sink your ship!! Made using our homegrown super hots - Carolina Reapers, Moruga Scorpions, Ghost Peppers, Big Black Mamas and 7-pot Douglahs, and containing our homemade family recipe Worcestershire sauce.

Ways to eat Loose Lip Hot Sauce:

  • Mix with mayo or aioli and splashed on a pizza or sandwich
  • Add heat and flavour to your stir-fry or lasagne
  • Dab on cheese and crackers
  • In your favourite pasta dish

It’s a beautiful flavour, with a big ol’ hot punch in the face to match!

150ml glass bottle

Ingredients: Malt Vinegar, White Vinegar, Super Hot Chillies, Apples, Garlic Powder, Onion, Brown Sugar, Ground Cloves, Salt, Xantham Gum

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