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With the Krakin Twinset you will get TWO Krakin Chillies Hot Sauces in both the Razzled Meerkat and the Smokin Donkey - and if you’ve already picked your favourite of the two, you can just double-up and SAVE!! Then you can drink it!* Or, Blow your brains out by getting the TRIFECTA if you dare, and adding the LOOSE LIP!

OR - FOR A LIMITED TIME - Buy all 5 hot sauces in the Krakin Chillies range, before the very limited White Habanero Hot Sauce disappears!

More info on each sauce:

Razzled Meerkat - Pineapple & Pear Hot Sauce that will blow your mind, while leaving your mouth in tact!! The flavour is sweet, but is a joy to eat with anything savoury! Full bodied, and full flavoured, this sauce is fantastic paired with chicken, or chips, or anything that resembles good food.

Smokin’ Donkey - Smoked Capsicum and Apple Hot Sauce that is incredible for SO MANY THINGS! Pump this delicious sauce into your meats and marinades, use it as a dip mix with sour cream, or simply dip EVERY god-damn-thing in it!!!

The Loose Lip - XXXHot Mash-up is the hottest of the Krakin Sauces, the Loose Lip might actually sink your ship!! Made using our homegrown super hots - Carolina Reapers, Moruga Scorpions, Ghost Peppers, Big Black Mamas and 7-pot Douglahs, and containing our homemade family recipe Worcestershire sauce. It’s a beautiful flavour, with a big ol’ hot punch in the face to match!

Blue Thunder - Our scrumptious Blue Thunder Blueberry Hot Sauce is incredible smothering your favourite ice cream or just as welcome sliding around on top of a steak - you choose how freaky you get!

**NOW SOLD OUT** White Lightning - Limited Edition Seasonal Hot Sauce, so get it while it’s HOT! This yellow ain’t so mellow, but she goes great on anything you can handle - splash it on the chips, over the top of ya pizza or n the side of ya sushi even!

You will receive 2x 250ml in a ‘Twinset’

OR 3x 250ml glass bottles in the ‘Trifecta’

*don’t actually drink it, unless you’re kinda too-hard-to-contain super-freaky… then that’s on you!